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Patreon Reward Tier "Power Armour: Fantasy Line Drawing"

Article / 10 October 2018

Hi there! Thanks so much for showing an interest in this reward tier. Here are some frequently asked questions:

What does the reward include?

You will be receiving everything in Levels 1 to 3, but it also means you can request a unique fantasy illustration from me each month. The delivery of each illustration will be in a digital format and will include the following: Concept sketches, gif process, high res jpeg of the final image, and Photoshop file.

What will the subject matter of the drawing be?

All illustrations will be in my fantasy line drawing style of a character or creature of your choosing :)

How detailed will my illustration be?

It will be similar to the examples below. A lot of fine lines forming the focal character or element, with an abstract background.

Will I receive the final illustration in the mail?

Unfortunately I cannot include shipping costs in the pricing of the reward tier as this is quite a large expense on my part. However, if you do choose the ink option there will be an addition US$30 shipping cost.

If I only want one illustration, can I cancel after one month?

That shouldn't be a problem. If you would only like to pay for one month's illustration on this tier be sure to check out Patreon's billing info to make sure you cancel before the next billing cycle.

If I am unsure of anything, how can I get hold of you to ask more questions?

If you're uncertain about anything, please send me a message on Patreon or email me at:

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