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Schoolism Essentials of Realism Lessons 1-3

General / 02 May 2018
I'm currently doing a Schoolism course by Jonathan Hardesty called "Essentials of Realism". These are some studies from the first three lessons I've done.

Model Study

General / 26 April 2018
A Photoshop painting study I finished last night from a reference image I found online.


General / 25 April 2018

Quick Google Earth studies
Quick film studies

Cage Belly

General / 24 April 2018

Process breakdown.

Orc Character Painting

General / 05 April 2018
An orc I recently finished painting in Photoshop. And the work in progress beneath it. I really learnt a lot during this process which I'm pretty happy about.

Film studies

General / 04 April 2018
I'm having problems with my cintiq pen sticking, and I'm not sure if it's computer or the drivers, so I need to try get it sorted.

2018-04-04 Alien studies

2018-04-03 The Fog studies

2018-03-29 The Expanse studies
2018-04-03: 60 second Alien studies

Charcoal studies from the long weekend

General / 03 April 2018
I set up my easel in front of the mirror and did some studies this past weekend  

More studies of "The Thing"

General / 28 March 2018
Evening studies in Photoshop of the film "The Thing".


Art Dump for January to March

General / 27 March 2018
A whole bunch of studies and final pieces I've done since the beginning of the year. Just putting them here as documentation.

2018-03-27 Lunch - Combined 20 minute study 2018-03-26 Lunch 60 second studies 2018-03-26 Morning Brad Rigney Study March Longer orc piece Quick wacom demo sketch 2018-03-12 After work sketch 2018-03-14 After work sketch 2018-03-15 After work sketch 2018-02-22 After work sketch 2018-02-21 After work sketch 2018-02-20 After work sketch Longer piece from February. Longer piece from January. 2018-01-09 Morning still-life

Inktober Days 9 and 10

General / 10 October 2017