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LARD CORP // El Gusano

They called him “El Gusano”, the maggot. In his time at Lard Corp, he had grown rabid and unpredictable, crazed by his ever-increasing lust for lard. The locals feared him. They claimed that he ate those whom he had killed on the battlefield. At around this time, or so they say, the name “el gusano” was first heard. Who coined it, and when El Gusano himself was christened – that was a mystery. It was something that the militiamen, who kept well away from El Gusano, did not ask – that, along with the real name of the accused flesheater. Whether or not there was truth to the rumours of his supposed lardlust (tales of excess that included, among other things, fat cells injected intravenously), they felt, the name suited El Gusano.