ArtStation Feudal Challenge: Heikeopsis
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Heikeopsis Character Lineup

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For years the emperor struggled with power in the city of Heikegani against an invading army of meat crabs that attacked the shores of the city in the winter months. Out of desperation he gave power to the Shogun to help defeat the "meat crab" army.

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Have received power from the Emperor, the Shogun went on a merciless hunt and destruction of the "meat crabs". The carcasses of the fallen enemy were dismembered and appropriated as armour for the Shogun's army.

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These fearless woman were of equal power and strength to their male Samurai counterparts. Their ability to use magic and extreme mental torture, meant that no "meat crab" could stand in their way.

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With the will of the Shogun, the Daimyo were granted power to act as his eyes and ears across the Heikegani land, to put fear into those who wished to simply give up and sacrifice themselves to the "meat crabs". There was no honour in giving up.

Ben winfield benwinfield artstation layout2 samurai

An army of devout samurai warriors were formed only out of the most fearless men who had suffered great tragedy at the hands of the "meat crabs". In most cases their entire family had been consumed by the "meat crab" hordes.

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These fearless men, some believe to be descended from priests, had powers that only the samurai dreamed of having.

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These once great priests committed the most evil of crimes and consorted with the meat crabs, attempting to make a religion out of them by converting the local populace to their will. They hunt at night and consume the souls of fallen warriors.

Ben winfield benwinfield artstation layout2 peasant

These great people proved of much value to the country and provided the local population with food to get through the warring years.

ArtStation Feudal Challenge: Heikeopsis

The name Heikeopsis is taken from the scientific name of a species of Japanese crab called Heikeopsis Japonica, otherwise known as the Heikegani, or "Samurai Crab". The hypothosis goes that "the crabs with shells resembling Samurai were thrown back to the sea by fishermen out of respect for the Heike warriors, while those not resembling Samurai were eaten, giving the former a greater chance of reproducing. Thus, the more closely the crabs resembled a samurai face, the more likely they would be spared and thrown back.

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